Inspire the inner foodie in you. Change your pantry forever.

What's In The Box

  Every crate is packed with generous portions of a selected spice to inspire you to try new flavors, a salt for its universal application, and a blend for its pre-mixed convenience.  For just $14.99,  we will send enough to use in multiple meals - some may last all year!  We include background information, suggested uses, and complete recipes for everything, all to inspire you to create new flavors. We typically ship out the the middle of each month. Sign up by the 14th of each month to get the current crate. Orders on or after the 15th will be for the next month's Crate. As many of these items will have a permanent place in your pantry, we also have a store to keep you stocked up when you run low.  


 Don’t be bored with the same old, same old. It doesn’t matter if it's the same food, if it has a different flavor! Have chicken all week but never taste the same. Or try the same flavor on different foods. Vegans rejoice, your salvation has arrived. Adding vegetables to your diet, does not have to reduce flavor, as all our offerings can jazz up vegetables. 


 Excellent flavor doesn’t require extraordinary time. Just a shake of our pouch, and you’re a gourmet! Sprinkle on before, during, or after cooking to get different flavors and intensity. Even if you are just nuking a pouch of undefined glop, we can make it taste good. Now you can cook the simplest meals without skimping on flavor. 


 Our ingredients are all natural with no fillers or additive. Natural salts, and pure spices and seasonings are not just good, but good for you. Health benefits include everything from improved digestion to a reduction in triglycerides and cholesterol. We make it easier to eat healthy. Often the obstacle to adding healthier options is we don’t know how to prepare the new food or don’t like the flavor.