December's Unwrapped Flavor

  December is the month of gifting and the Flavor Crate has got you covered whether you are giving, bringing, or hosting! Salt was once a valuable luxury, harvested from the sea using an ancient process. Our salt of the month Fleur de Sel harkens back to a time when salt was luxurious. Always a holiday favorite, we have Mulling Spice for wine, beer, or cider as our spice this month, whether you are bringing it to a party or for an interesting change as a host. Our blend Savory Steak will not only enhance its namesake beef, but add a smooth savory finish to any dish - perfect for the comfort food of the holiday season. 

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 At the end of the day, we typically have access to only a few food types: Beef, Poultry,  Pork, Fish, and Vegetables.  While each cut and species adds its own flavor signature, real variety comes in how we season the food. With a subscription to the Flavor Crate you will never be without a new flavor to try and introduce to those who depend on you for their flavor choices.