October's Midnight Spices

 Last year October was all about harvest, this year we focus on the end of the month holiday and the witching hour. All our items this month have a dark presentation. From the antioxidant Black Lava Salt, to the bitter black onion seeds Nigella, to our Blackening blend, you no longer have to be afraid of the dark! This box is visually appealing with the diamond shaped salt and the great look the spices impart, but you know it’s all about the flavor and next month won’t disappoint! A very salty salt, a mild but broad flavored spice, and a spicy blackening will add to vegetables, baked goods, as well as chicken, fish and steak. Plan your end of month festivities around our Midnight Spices!

Past Crate

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 At the end of the day, we typically have access to only a few food types: Beef, Poultry,  Pork, Fish, and Vegetables.  While each cut and species adds its own flavor signature, real variety comes in how we season the food. With a subscription to the Flavor Crate you will never be without a new flavor to try and introduce to those who depend on you for their flavor choices.