Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my Crate?

 We typically ship out the the middle of each month. Sign up by the 14th of each month to get the current crate. Orders on or after the 15th will be for the next month's Crate. We also Re-bill on the 25th of each month. How convenient indeed! 

Where can I buy more?

All of our products are available for repurchase after they have been featured in a Crate. When you run out of your favorite flavor we have you covered in our Shop!

Why should I subscribe?

Even the best recipe is improved by better ingredients. Try new types each month and add the ones you like to your pantry. 

 There is always room in the kitchen for another recipe or idea. Get inspired each month by flavors you may have never heard of or always wanted to try. 

 From the ease of our rubs to the fact you don't always have time to research a new flavor, subscribing to the Flavor Crate means you are improving your dish selection every month by just waiting for the mail. 

Where do I signup?

See the big button below