How It Works

 Each month you receive a hand picked salt for its universal application, a spice to spark your creativity, and a custom blend for its convenience, all to inspire you to try new flavors and improve old ones. Subscribe today and start tasting the difference fresh spices can make!  


 Each month you will discover a new flavor or learn more about a familiar one. We include information about the health benefits and nutritional effect of our ingredients. The historical background gives you an understanding of how the flavor has come to you. And, of course, recipes -  what good is a new flavor if you don’t know how to use it? 


 Once you have your flavors and know how to use them, it’s time to enjoy the flavor! Experiment using the suggestions, sprinkling on new things and freshening up old dishes. Try out the included recipes - there is enough variety that some should strike your fancy. Or you can give it a taste, get inspired, and create your own recipe.     


 Some of these flavors will become your new favorites. We include enough for multiple meals and most will last beyond the month, but eventually you will need to stock up. We have an online store where you can purchase full size packages of your favorites for your pantry. We also offer limited-time and special packages, so it’s always good to stop in. 

 We are foodies with decades of experience giving advice on flavor in restaurants, open air markets, and on the internet to cooks, chefs and other assorted foodies. Now we bring that advice to you every month in the Flavor Crate! It always comes back to the ingredients. Yes, preparation is important, but how far you go, often depends on where you start.

The Flavor Crate is committed to finding the best flavors and freshest spices available. If this is your first time cooking with spices that weren’t sitting on a grocer’s shelves for an unknown amount of time, we encourage a side by side comparison. The difference is undeniable. Once you start cooking with quality spices, you may wonder how you ever ate the preservative-filled, old spices of the past.  


Not a Foodie But Know One?

 Let us take the guesswork out of foodie gift giving. Foodies are hard to buy for if you are not one yourself. The Flavor Crate was designed by foodies, for foodies, to help inspire them with quality ingredients. Give them the gift that keeps on giving, month after month, or start them on a trial membership and let them decide.